QuickNotes on Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale


Location: Kufi Village.

Yaremi: Ajumobi’s widow now in her early fifties. From Adeyipo village.

Ajumobi: Yaremi’s late husband; a brave hunter.

Yaremi’s children:

  • Segi: (lives at Olode with her husband. Mother of Woye. She  is the first born.)
  • Alani: (the only son. Carpenter. Lives in Ibadan.)
  • Wura: (second daughter. Lives in Apon.)


Yaremi’s admirers:

  • Ayanwale: a successful drummer who plays the Kongo drum.
  • Olonade: village woodcarver. Nickname: Twin father.
  • Lanwa: farmer. Also Ajumobi’s half-brother.

Widows of Kufi village:   Dedewe, Fayoyin and Radeke.

Other notable characters in the book are;

  • Rogba: the village flute player (ekutu)
  • Uncle Deyo: Ajumobi’s friend.
  • Okanlawon: Ajumobi’s rival.
  • Woye: Segi’s daughter and Yaremi’s grandson who stays with her.

For a full summary, check Comprehensive Summary of Lonely Days.


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