I can still remember it vividly as though it were only yesterday. It happened on a friday, a cold one. My friend Ezra and I had gone to the school field to have some fun. Some boys were playing football and so we stood under a tree watching them.
Then Ezra found a cutlass and started playing with it.
“Ezra, drop it.” I said subconsciously. Ezra didn’t answer me, obviously he was enjoying himself with the cutlass.
“Drop it Ezra” I said again without meaning to. Ezra didn’t answer me. And then after few minutes, something I can’t explain, something no one can explain (except maybe Ezra) happened and I couldn’t see anything.
“Ezra!” I called out in fear.
“Am-so-oo-r-ry-Mi-cha-el, I didn’t mean to.” He stammered

I didn’t see anything. For a fleeting moment I knew I was never going to see again, I knew I was never going to see even Ezra again, I was blind forever. Then I saw blood, coming from my eyes. Ezra’s cutlass had hit me, right above my right eye. Blood was dripping down as though a rain of blood was falling.
“Ezra! Ezra! Is it inside my eyes? Ezra?”
I was scared as I tried using my tie to stop the blood. My tie was soaked in a second.
“No Michael…’s above it…am sorry I wanted to throw the cutlass away” Ezra managed to say. He too was scared. Scared that I might go blind, scared that his guardian might hear about it (his guardian did hear about it anyway), scared that he might be suspended, scared of everything.

Slowly, with blood dripping down my face, we made our way to the clinic. However, something worse happened in the clinic which I do not want to write about. Something funny and at the same time painful and unexpected.

I knew my friend, I knew Ezra. He never meant to, it was an accident. Love you Ezra. Trust your friends no matter what.

Those close to me will remember this incident. The scar still remains there, above my right eye, perhaps if you see me one day I’ll show you. But thank God, I didn’t go blind. Thank you Jesus.